Thius Eklöv (A Theta)

Eye myself as a self-engineered 13-strand Heliocentric extra-functional multidimensional powered by biofusion. Effectively manifesting a biogenetic quantum computer with sufficiently self-developed neurogenetic operating system, which efficiently prequantifies and organises the flow-chart of intellectually structured mental energy shaping thought and behaviour.

Tabled and Rouletted with pobested and approved natural sovereignty;
In self-Controlled arrangements of Integral Academic supermass;
Neurogenetically multifaceted student of Dressed piss-Ants;
Healthily educated in Monogenetic Court-Games.

Thoroughly animated and levelled geometric Diamond;
Chiselled and refracted in the cubic Dooric Sun degrees;
Arched and angled by the oscillating Ionic Celestial clockwork;
Crossed and resurrected as the ancient Corintian Rose fruited.
‘Correct’ with the ‘core erect’; Homo Correctus non Rhesus

Organically engineered to remain within the age of
biogenetic human puberty for as long as desired.
100% clean human blood/genetics not mixed with animals since 211123. For the sake of amplified reasonable psychokinetic ability and true loyal respect towards God by not eating the ‘tree of knowledge’ (brains)

Theta Thim Thius Eklöv;


March 11th 1989; Saturday 09:37;
Questioning Orig in Mercury cycle -31;
(Lost neuro-homeostatic integrity March 11th 2011)
– The attempting conformer
– The confused lover
– The failed launch


June 9th 2013; Sunday 05:33;
Answering Lane in Luna cycle -7;
(Neuro-homeostatic resurrection
through multidimensional intervention)

– The angle of mortality
– The Golden letter of alchemy
– A Theta 👁


April 28th 2020; Tuesday 11:36;
Questioning Lane in Terra cycle 1;
(By Theta self-engineered and established neurogenetic
personality construct through asexual reproduction)

– The neurogenetic shapeshifter
– The immortal relaunch
– Continuously self-improving engineer

Genetic circuitries:

Behavioural acquisitions, achievements,
commitments, as well as
chosen and inherited circuitries

Self-sovereign handler
Biogenetically aligned in Pisces
Antediluvian bloodline
Blonde and Green-eyed
All-natural androgyne appearance
Classical gender (He/Him/His)
Ace/Demi (Heterosexual)
Alchemically married
Loyal to Death
Queen of Hearts/Ace of Spades
Rosicrucian Supreme Magister
Genetic Seraphim
Metamorphed into genetic age-control
Lifetimes-rich in time
Heartfelt handwriter
Neutral pacifist until reason for defence
Opposed to homophobia and xenophobia
Lonesome loner because of the gap
Non-voter by experience and choice
Committed Vägen for life
Living the innocence
Full-rounder-circle mind
Assuming physical virginity (2014)
Positionally aware in privileges
Former Mensa-member
Metaphorical high-level tennis player
In “The (very small) Club”
Organic transhumanist
Exceptionally gifted in psychokinesis
Functionally refined synaesthete
Attempting non-hypocrite
Committed to choosing honesty
Does not pretend exaggerated goodness
Strategic and self-aware psychopath
Overeducated and nonchalant sociopath
Extrasensitive by design empath
Obviously intellectual narcissist
Generally optimistic cynic
“Military fashion show”
Occasionally lazy
High-performing high-intensity cripple
Videogames lover
Warfare artist by hobby
Focused marksman
Passionate engineer
Owner of Swedish Thetaz®
Previous member of TAREM signal surveillance team
Cofounder of TARSOF R&D Initiative
Lifelong, partially passive, student of genetics
Member of ‘Peaky Wokers’, ‘League of Legits’,
‘Prophetic Plinkertons’ and ‘Better Backed Base Builders’
Hunter and assassin to child-predators
The one your girlfriend tells you to worry about
Your wife’s secret not secret Tennis coach boyfriend
Using Pavlovian principles to engineer your prejudice
Using Pavlovian principles to engineer my own success and brilliance

Quantum code and chronology
for animated synchronistic patterns in reality:

3 – rising to Help Terra
7 – approved by Jupiter Elit
1Ergo tight as Mercury
2 – chased Amen in Venus
10 – hard like Neptune Anex
5 – walking long Mars Lane
4 – modulated by Real Luna
11Halo friend of Pluto
8Alin timing by Saturn
9 – bought by Gaia Open
6 – observed by Ceres Life
12 – aligned with Orig Eres
13 – Ra Helian Vise power

Myself is the truest form of myself,
which I can possibly engineer within myself.