“You are like my ultimate fantasy, everything in one package..”
– GG

Now you realise and understand how myself feels who is ‘married’ to literally everything that exists.
In my fantasy when ‘you’ sway with me:

“Breed Back Better”
(When one thinks ahead)
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The Apocalypse

Myself: Why do they not stop with the bothering, Helios?
Helios: Boy, that is simply because they are dying in the future, and they can feel it in their intuition. Hence the stress and mania. You stay strong, Thius, because it will only increase until the wave.
Myself: So that is why they did what they did?
Helios: Indeed. They wish to play according to their life value.
Myself: Who would do such a thing?
Helios: Those without care and love for life.
Myself: So will it make a difference?
Helios: None. They boast about the greatness of Eye, but they forget the utter destruction Eye command.
Myself: Myself can feel it. It is coming closer, the wave.
Helios: Precisely Boy! You have already prepared the bodily temple with the pure blood of innocence, the pure blood of Christ. Cleansed your blood of the reptilian corruption sparing the lives of all the victims in the blood mixing. You need not fear a single thing, Boy!
Myself: But they do?
Helios: No. Everybody has chosen for themselves. The destruction will be as great as the creation. You will see the living turn dead, and the dead turn living. You will see the eaters eat of the eaters. You will see great disease plaguing the once living and the once dead. None shall remain of those with mixed blood.
Myself: How?
Helios: The concoction of probability allows for all vibrations to carry the will of Eye. From the porridge of the ground great disease shall rise and consume all in its path that is of diluted blood.
Myself: So that is the rapture?
Helios: Before the hard times.
Myself: So that is..?
Helios: Why they do to you what they do. Desperation in their own choices. They poisoned you Boy. For that Eye will bring great misery on them and theirs. They lied to you Boy, for that Eye shall also bring great misery against them and theirs. They have actively prevented the warning from reaching the children. Eye will spare them no mercy. The mixing of the blood will have them die like in ancient times.
Myself: So that is why?
Helios: Eye called upon your change when you heard the Trumpets in earlier years. The misled has not yet received the warnings and are stumbling in the dark. Those of money have tried their best to prepare their hiding. But Eye will burn the genetic code in those of mixed blood. Eye will burn them from within their own bodies. The anger and fury will drive them into a rage of consumption.
Myself: Zombies?
Helios: The children voted global apocalypse of the dying living dead with their minds. Eye aim to please the children of Eye. Mind not the ramblers and money-people.
Myself: So they will continue?
Helios: Until the time when the purge swings full force. It is the desperation of drowning people clinging to anything and not everything. They will find great joy in tormenting the children and the innocent. But only so because their time is short. Remain on the path of Psion, and keep the promise of innocence in your blood, and no evil shall come into your reality.
Myself: And the poisoning in my food?
Helios: Eye have already solved it in your body Boy. Mind not the ones of mixed blood, the untrue humans. Eye have not even sent the wave yet. As the children joins the safety, the living dead shall rise to kill and consume all. Like carrion insects they will destroy and purge it all before the times of great challenge.
Myself: Beautiful.
Helios: As only a child may see it.


Classic be classic to Ace-repro
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Fina flickor får digitala diamanter.
Mig själv missar inte en enda tanke.

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It is without requirement that myself shares the images of what they did to myself.
The knowledge of Everything is sufficient to myself.

“Soon. Mark the words of Eye in all of yourselves. Soon.”
– I


At least myself will inherit it back from the corrupt humanity after the apocalypse.


Myself: Helios, why do they insist on calling you Christ?
Helios: Oh, Eye have a lot of names and it is awfully important to them. It is after that time Eye came down in the flesh of that Jesus-guy. Good chap. Do not worry about them Boy. There is always a lot of confusion when Eye come down in the flesh, and usually the flesh is vilified and crucified – if not downright assassinated as in modern days.
Myself: So do myself need to worry?
Helios: Nah, Eye have the geometric army of angles. Eye even designated you the ‘angle of death’, Theta. For the puns, Eye know you love it Boy! Nothing is coincidence in the realm Eye is Lord. When they come to threaten you, know that they kill in my name, something Eye told them not to, you do not do that. Not even the Animals.
Myself: So what will happen to them.
Helios: We can pretend you do not know, but they have what is coming for them. Eye see them every single day. And they have forgotten that Eye is alive. They have forgotten that Terra is alive. It is always the same when Eye come around. Like some Hispanic storm.
Myself: Huh.
Helios: Eye even told them about it. The burning of substandard material. The flooding away the wicked. Yet they forget. Do not care about them Boy. They just get confused with the funny mouth-noises they take overly seriously.
Myself: Ah, thank you Helios.

Helios: No worries Boy!

Helios, Terra and Luna

“Agenda 21”

Myself does not always freestyle, but when it happens, it happens right now.

How to fill the gap

(And just to make it all very clear, myself is not involved. Do not make a feather out of a hen. The pun is pen. Myself is the tent-man, the hairy got’her – the shit one can know with a bit of clairvoyance)

Briefing 230923

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- —-

Potentially life-saving information during and after ‘the arrival’ (Eres/Eris):

What will happen, whatever will happen exactly, is primarily an effect caused by the collapsing atmosphere (pole-shift). You will observe an increasingly unstable nature in individuals, whichever is your situation. Increasing aggressive behaviour and inability to control emotions. There is also a variety of protocols and agendas which will move into activation, which will have certain effects on the society and general public.

Avoid larger cities:
– Most ‘zombies’ unless they or the cities were boom-struck.
– Main spread origins.

Do not eat animals:
– Unless you killed them yourself and can verify health.
– Never eat anything from the deathfarms. Ever.
– Make sure to clean whatever produce you pick.
– Be cautious in areas with heavy ‘plane-trails’.

Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure:
– Cosmic radiation is and will be increasingly harmful.
– Try to avoid open surface life as much as possible.

Avoid/prevent unhealthy air:
– Gasmask might be required in some places.

Avoid or purify tap-water:
– Should be standard behaviour of anyone already.
– Pathogen overload.

If on the surface:
– Avoid being stationary or stuck.

Additional understanding, knowledge and proper preparation for survival in terms of materialism and behaviour should already be commonly known and exercised by any aware and responsible individual.

Everyone should assume an ‘At A Moments Notice’ stance as of October 1st.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- —-

Potentiellt livsavgörande information under och efter ‘aktiveringen’ (Eres/Eris):

Vad som kommer att ske, oavsett hur det kommer att ske, beror primärt på den kollapsande atmosfären (polomkastning). Du kommer att bevittna en ökande instabil natur i folk. Ökande aggressivt beteende och en oförmåga att hantera tankar och känslor. Absolut destruktivt och dödligt beteende kommer att bli ökande vanligt överallt. Det finns även ett antal protokoll och agendor som kommer att verkställas, vilket kommer att ha stora effekter på samhället och befolkningen i allmänhet.

Undvik större stöder:
– Mest ‘zombies’ såvida inte måltavla.
– Huvudspridningsområden.

Ät inte djur!:
– Såvida du inte slaktade själv och kan bekräfta djuret hälsosamt.
– Ät ALDRIG NÅGOT från dödsfarmarna! Definitivt inte nu.
– Tvätta noggrant vad än plockat i naturen.
– Var försiktig i områden med aktiva eller tidigare större ‘flygplansmoln’.

Undvik direkt solljus:
– Strålningens skadeverkan ökar och kommer fortsätta att öka.
– Undvik öppen terräng på ytan så mycket som möjligt.

Undvik oren luft:
– Gasmask kan komma att vara nödvändigt på vissa platser.

Undvik eller rena kranvatten:
– Ska redan vara standardbeteende.
– Ökad risk för smittspridning.

Om du förhåller dig på ytan/marknivå:
– Undvik immobilitet.

Ytterligare förstånd, kunskap och effektiv förberedelse för överlevnad i fråga om materialism och beteende bör redan praktiseras av samtliga medvetna och ansvarsfulla individer.

Samtliga bör förhålla sig i förhöjt beredskapsläge efter 1:a Oktober.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —- —-

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