Välkommen till min trollerifabrik!
Den är kanske inte lika effektiv som mainstream-media.
Men det är åtminstone mindre annonser.
Och mer Krustler-Gönnels.

Har du mentala allergier så prata med din psykolog om exponeringsterapi, alternativt så kan du själv välja att omlokalisera dig till andra distraktioner.

Glad Påsk!

Welcome to my heavenly tennis-court.
It might not get more insane than this.
But such is the human experience after all.

If you suffer from mental allergies, please consult your psychiatrist about the benefits enabled through exposure therapy, alternatively distract yourself elsewhere.

Now please enjoy!

“In the energetic labyrinth of the Universe
myself is an ant observed by the giants
in their amusement of my navigation
– But in the conscious experience of the Universe
I am the ant who moves them by holding their attention.”
– Particularly conscious ant in the forest