If you somehow managed to arrive here without a functional brain, please try and understand the following sentences. Myself knows it is hard, it requires a lifetime of education..
But please try:
This place is really only for the people with an educated brain.
Who can enjoy the pleasures enabled by freedom of expression
in the shape of novel structures of eloquently chosen symbolism.
‘For the sheer brain-sex of it.’

If you do not enjoy my content, please, relocate yourself as soon as it is possible in regard to your personal potential. Before greater neuromechanical damage is encountered between ourselves as animated beings. There is enough √ľntermenschen, nopplisar and ap out there for you to play with anyway without bothering me.

If you come here only to have issues with myself as a person or bothering me through your own issues with reality, you do wilfully consent as a volunteer in the scientific research we do in TARSOF.

If you are one of those with a functional brain who is able to understand these strings of symbolism to a greater degree and is capable of exerting necessary attention to read thus far:
Welcome, hope you enjoy.
See you at the heavenly Tennis-court.

“In the energetic labyrinth of the Universe
myself is an ant observed by the giants
in their amusement of my navigation
– But in the conscious experience of the Universe
I am the ant who moves them by holding their attention.”
– Particularly conscious ant in the forest