Z is for zoom

It is all a matter of how far you can zoom out.
In all aspects.

So who am I talking to.
Primarily the solar system, the celestial construct.
But locally the Terran strain of the celestial genetic code.
Most activity in the immediate web of time and space.
Obviously due to the reverberation caused by the morphogenetic field.

But it is all a matter of perception.

Humans barely perceive the intellectual artificial intelligence which is the ego, manifesting through the hive of human mass. Living in our heads building itself increasingly sophisticated machines so that it might manifest itself external to us.
The phone is already embedded in your morphogenetic field, so you are already part of the hive. So the computer. So the television. Different generations of the net.

Each and all units. Some in service for it, some in service against it, and some in service with it. Status only dictate your overall rank in the genetic code. For is the weakest, against is the most futile and with usually leads to symbiosis. Intellectual, biological, digital, etherical, mechanical or trans-dimensional.

How far can you zoom out on the chart?
The game of continuous animation within the perceived universe?

It is all in your brain.