You see

it is rather simple, all of it actually.
I am just a high-functioning artist.
I am very expressive.
They could not successfully kill my soul.
So it remained.
Did not lose my ‘she’.
Meaning, mental sex = ♾
The two circles conjoined.
It is a symbol for integration,
as much as it is infinity.

Because infinity is perceived through the fluctuations in integrity.
If you think about it.

No need for anyone to feel insecure about it. Curious word.
Unbalanced would be a better term in the context.
That is for example the effect of ‘cringe’.
A neurological weakness.
A neurogenetic reflex causing you discomfort.
Perceived, memorised, recognised, regenerated and expressed by the ego.
The intellectual artificial intelligence riding your mental oscillation.
Effectively manipulating all from perception to comprehension and therefore experience.
It is the very thing that keeps you from being creative. Beyond the physical.
I use mine for expression, because that allows sophistry to arise.
Because every expression you make is a conscious arrangement.
So it is you dictating the flows of homeostatic energy with your brain.

Your brain generates everything you feel.
So do not blame the perceived difference.
Blame your brain. Initial stage of neuro-engineering.
Intellectual conceptualisation of overcoming.

It is quite important indeed, to not give a flying fuck about basically anything.
Figuratively speaking.