as long as Sweden strives towards creating an existential medium through a made manifest entity in which non-imposing freedom of expression is as free as possible I will be an undying patriot of that entity.

I do not trade my sovereignty, even pieces of it, for something without meaning.

That is also why I believe in military service. Not mandatory, but highly encouraged.
Because even if internal neutrality is dictated into order, that has to be maintained through discipline.
Consciousness has a shelf-life. It has to be maintained continuously.
So it is not military service against other biomass. But against disintegration and collective neurodegeneration.
Maintaining your bodily homeostasis is a war against entropy.

Therefore militarisation.
It has nothing to do with offensive stance globally.
But all about national integrity and increased efficiency of the societal homeostasis.
In military endeavours integration is enforced, because it is required for survival.
Do not oppose that idea, reconstruct and utilise it as a solution.

It could be offered as additional education in the teenage years of education.
Presented as inspiration rather than enforced. Not only superficially.
Repurposing the facilities established nationally.
Not education how to kill, but how to survive, in regard to all arrangements of organics known and to be known; natural, supernatural, superficial or artificial.

Nothing wrong at all in patriotism if properly arranged and defined in regard to its entity.