The point, as usual, flies above head of some people.
Here is the rhetorical question few seem to grasp.
If I can do this with my being, my creation.
What else stands to be made manifest?

Although I realise the futility in arguing with genetically driven piles of biomass, because they fail to consciously assimilate a functional conclusion – it is simultaneously somewhat encouraging. Because you can smell their fear and desperation, which is why they love projecting it onto other people.
Weakness is usually more noisy than it is silent.
Obviously as if seen to the battlefield.
Noise gives you away.
It is no different in the mental realm.
Thoughts as energetic constructs reverberates the entire environment around a person.
Then there are those aware, and those unaware of it.
Usually the ones unaware loves to project it onto other unaware or, especially, aware people.

So the rhetorical question remains.
If I can do this with my body, in regard to an evolutionary standpoint, consciously driven biological restructuring – what else can I do with it?
That is the question for the recipient, I already know my answer.
Since the answer is subjective, you can easily conclude which one is the creatively driven individual and which is the one who even fails to reach a subjective conclusion.

I like humans who believes that human evolution is at its end, and that current manifestation of humans are the final product. Because that mindset tells me that they are the current dead end of human evolution – since they are not driving it.

Not that it is not their right, of course it is. God-given, or Big bang-given or whatever else symbol they mentally associate to their source of creativity. I, subjectively, just find it weird. As weird as the conventional subject would find me.

I was left behind my entire life by the conventional.
Now the conventional cries when I leave them behind.
Which is weird.
In nature a season flower does not cry when it goes to death while the tree prepares for yet another cycle of life. To each their own expression.