is the contemplation around that of wires.
What are they really in the energetic aspect of things.
Quantumly speaking it ought to be obvious.
I rearranged all my wires today.
And during this activity I came to realise that it is of matter.
Thus concern.
It was a curious exercise generating interesting result.

Reality becomes increasingly interesting the more the multidimensional idea is applied.
Imagine people who still struggles with multi-culturalism.
Which is essentially just another symbol for a greater collection of through time generated ideas.
Strategically it ought to be superior due to the total sum of knowledge and therefore capacity for generating efficient result.

No wonder why all the bigger entities either import or by means of temporal imposition in the shape of imperialism has acquired a greater variety of human biomass.
The wider the intellectual spectrum manifesting as arranged symbolism within one entity, the greater its capacity for generating intelligence if the arrangement has been properly integrated throughout the entire conglomerate, or federation of different portions of animated human biomass.

If you incorrectly oppose immigration you misunderstand proper integration. Symbiosis between strains of human biomass is what constitutes an efficient society. Whatever you believe is the proper culture of your entity is your responsibility to manifest, uphold and curate. The better you are at symbiotically integrate that strain with other strains within the same entity, as to say under the same flag, the more efficient you may become as a construct. Both individually, locally and nationally. And if nationally efficient, also globally efficient.

Your biological construct in the shape of human body is an animating system of arranged organisations and circulatory infrastructure. The amount of different functions allowed dictates your overall sophistication. Great integration means greater ability for movement. Greater mental integration diminishes cognitive dissonance and manifests a unified society.

If the integration apparatus, the intellectual construct for how symbiosis between different strains of human biomass ought to manifest, is efficient – then immigration is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to grow the overall entity. Both in structural complexity and the amount of arranged biological and psychological components.

An organically designed society will be superior in the majority of cases, due to the structural integrity. These days artificial organics is possible, therefore the stronger integrity in a centralised idea manifesting a decentralised society consisting of as many genetic variations as possible in symbiotically integrated societal bio-infrastructure.

Because that is the way your own body is modelled.
So many different variations of tissue manifesting so many functions in unison.
Just so that you might be able to think.
If you do it.