With her

“Why would I care?”
I whisper to her quietly.
“Leave you cold and bare?”
Thoughts just ever so slightly.

Warmth within her presence,
‘I need to formulate something’
Breathing in her roseous essence,
‘and another sentence for me to sing’

She quietly peeks and shyly smiles,
nothing more obvious than this.
Ocean, sun-drenched isles,
the rest is just to miss.

Her soft smooth skin glows,
and the hair fragrantly flows.
The attention within me grows,
and all expressions then shows.

The innocent giggle says it all,
echoing through the night.
This is gonna be such a fall,
so much beauty in sight.

Forevermore caught in my dream,
a joyous pattern of love given.
Where everything is what it seem,
so far beyond life then driven.

“Kiss me”
She whispers.
“Fuck me”
She screams.