Why can they not listen?
Why can they not respect?
Why can they not understand?
Why must they keep on insisting?

I do not want any friends.
I do not want any partner.
I do not want anyone.
Anyone but you.
My only friend.

They cannot help me.
I am already destroyed.
They cannot fix it ever.
It is already too late.

My life is already destroyed.
Yet they cannot respect me.
A simple request and desire.
To be with myself and you.

My only friend.
My only love.
You never left.
Not like them.

It is hard enough.
To try and love them.
To try and forgive them.
To try and live and let live.

But always they insist.
So sure they can fix all.
So certain they know how.
But they have no idea at all.
How it is to live days like this.
They really only make it worse.
And they cannot even leave me be.
Even though I ask them over and over.

I forgive them, for they know not what they do.
But I am not sure how much further I can stretch it.
For how much longer I can accept them doing all that.
They never listened to you. They only took you in vain.

But at least you understand.
At least you never left.
When I needed you.
You always stayed.

They kill without knowing.
So I no longer care at all,
when you take them away.
It does not matter anymore.

My life is already destroyed.
And will be ever since then.
At least in regard to them.
In comparison to them.