you are, in my mind, that feels like you are not good at anything.

Shut the fuck up.
And ask the voice in your head saying that to shut the fuck up as well.
It is just the ego going.
Or express it.
In some shitty art.

Whatever you do, do not believe it.
The ego is fucked in the head.
So if you believe it, so are you.

It is like carrying a retarded intellectual tumor in the head.
That your parents and society insisted should be there.
Over time its sophistication has been inherited and enhanced.
Sadly also the stupid parts of its retardation.

Intellect is just retardation created by your head.
Do the best with it. You are gonna have it either way.
So if you are retarded, and will be whatever you do:
think something better than that you are not good at anything.
Your ability to create that sentence mentally proves you are good at being retarded.
If anything.
I do not necessarily value my linguistic skills, because they are by definition mental retardation. Symbolic crap on my mental mirror. But it is tremendously hard to get rid off, so I prefer doing the best with it, in non-binary and non-dualistic characters.

Fuck I hate the ego.
It is like a retarded friend that refuses to leave you alone.
Geting in the way all the time.
The problem is that the vast majority of humans has one sophisticated enough to be artificial and therefore intellectually autonomous.
Semi-conscious, as it drives itself through symbolism.

I have it. But I am aware and conscious of it.
For most part. I like listening to it.
And expressing it.
Because it is a collective thing.