people, especially on the Internet, has that funny reaction like:
‘Oh, so you are one of those weapon maniacs.. I assume you are a psychopath that will shoot civilians as soon as you get the chance’
Usually in other words, but that is the thought that arranges their formulated expression.

And I just shake my head before the travesty.
If I ever manage to shoot and kill civilians with a high precision air rifle before they run away or law enforcement intervenes – I ought to be rewarded with some kind of medal by the military for mind-bending efficiency.
You cannot even partake in air rifle competitions without a license here in Sweden.
Also consider that it is a single action mechanism that is quite slow to reload. Five seconds at least, per shot. That produces no more than 10 Joule in the .177 calibre – and that is within the ten first meters.
As I said.. mind-bending efficiency.
You produce far more damage with only your fists in the same amount of time.
If you use the rifle as a blunt weapon, now it has become truly dangerous.

It would be as ludicrous as the “I once saw him kill three people in a bar.. with a pencil.” In fact, you would do more damage if you manage to load the air rifle with a pencil, because it is heavier and thus produces slightly more force at close range.
The most powerful weapon I have ever fired (not counting the intellectual nukes I drop occasionally) was a hunting shotgun during skeet shooting. That was some fifteen-ish years ago.
I will never shoot on anything alive. That is not why I do it.
There is no point doing it. With an air rifle like this. The best you will accomplish is some fear in whatever. Unless it is very small game. But that is just cruel – and pointless.
Like killing ants with a magnifying glass.
I also have no reason to hunt animals, as a dedicated vegetarian. Case closed on that end.

Damn I dislike people that cannot keep hobbies and fucktards making dumb decisions apart – usually because they themselves belong to the latter.
Probably the same biological failures that blamed Marilyn Manson for school shootings perpetrated by other retards back in the days. I also firmly disbelieve the accusations directed against him in recent times – he does not give off that vibe. Maybe those people accusing should question their own abuse.
*quietly shakes my head in utter disbelief*

To me it is all about the score.
Because it is a score that attempts to measure how well I can maintain my attention.
Like the IQ-tests attempts to measure how well you can recognise patterns.
I got 100% on mine; 45/45. Assuming it is legit (supervised FRT-A IQ-test arranged by Mensa).
But intelligence without attention is like shitting without toilet-paper.
And you all saw that one 2020.
So no need to worry.

Picture taken April 2018; and that is my own rifle for the standing discipline.
I use my family’s air rifle for the sitting discipline.