you know what ‘homophobia’ as a summarising word for that entire phenomenon (fear of deviancy) is, it is quite easy to overcome and avoid; regardless of personal choice and stance.

Electromagnetically you are like one of those old red magnets that looks like a “U”. One end of this is positive, one end is negative. Male and female component of your being. Or your hemispheres in the brain.
It has all to do with the pattern in which energy moves. Female is usually attached to sine and male usually to square; combination thereof is triangular (often famously referred to as “trinity”).

This you have regardless of physical sex.
The most common expression of balance gives the perceived ‘hetero-norm’, but due to the fluctuations in human society and the environmental changes transitioning into the superficial and artificial, balance can increase in difference.

The reason why, for example, you confusingly might feel attraction to a transsexual as a sexually straight male is simply based in electromagnetics. It is physical attraction as real as gravity.
It happens whether you want to or not – as sure as the planet and the sun revolves around each other in dance.

But you have the right to make a choice. An integrated and conscious choice. Just because you feel attraction does not mean you must act upon it. Simply recognise it, accept it, deal with it, reach a conclusion and declare yourself.
Character is relative. Nobody judges straight or ‘super-straight’ if they are sane.
It is simply just an arrangement of character.

Think about animals who does not have a choice.
They are pure instincts.
Ever seen a male dog fuck a male dog?
Do you think they have as easy time as you making a choice?
They are even electromagnetically attracted to your legs.

The reason people, as well as animals, are attracted to minors is because they are ‘virgin’. Their reverberation is more greatly amplified, they oscillate stronger.
That is how kids grow faster. They are not broken down yet.
It is attraction in the physical forces of this realm.

Just deal with it and declare your character.
If you are of a bullying kind your character is so goddamn retarded it cannot even handle itself. Not funny being there, it is the retardation of the ego.

Freedom of expression, absolutely fucking yes.
But that is exactly why, in the past, they relied on sophistry – today’s vaguely defined ‘nerdism’ or ‘intellectualism’.
It was simply just more retarded.
Humanity will always be egotistically retarded, because the ego is retarded by design.
We can only struggle to become less retarded.
That is literally the best we can do.