the reason for it, if asking me.
If what I see in my visions/nightmares/psychosis/premonitions/callitwhatthefuck for the future turns true – you will not have a choice. At all. You thought the quarantine was bad – that was life as usual to me. It collapsed your peoples entire fucking lives. Quite fair, come to think of it. And they have still not figured out why it happened. Where the original idea came from.

It was just a test. ^^
You know, like the fire-larm thing.

No doomsday or anything. It is probably a while.
But relativistic synchronicity is amusing to observe.
Everything makes sense, because it is the same pattern.
Just slightly faster animated.

The concept of directions in evolution is not as wrong as one might think.
But it requires to follow them properly for long enough.
I have the bad feeling that in the future,
I will be able to look back and say:
‘we thought ww2 was bad’.

War is not necessarily between countries.
There are different ways to fraction and fight.
Divide and conquer.

The holocaust started as a discussion around desirability.

I need to know this shit, it is part of understanding in entropy resistance.
My body is literally a cellular colony, if I wish to develop life extension capacity, it needs to be properly developed. That goes for all scales.
Hilariously enough with you people, you have a tendency to kill off the progressive deviants that actually drives evolution. Well, at least up until recently, speaking centuries.
You want the perfect society.
The problem with that is that perfect means dead.
That is why I distance myself from those people.
Which is essentially all society. More or less.
Not so much in the smaller towns.