Upped last week’s score with ten points in the standing discipline at the shooting range.
Despite pain in most of my body from yesterday’s effort.
Very pleased with myself.
And my ability.

Landed at 353,2 points total. Nothing extraordinary at all if compared to other people with full ability. Was on the edge of vomiting the last couple of shots. Had it been longer I would probably have fainted from the pain. Since I do the old style proper shooting of laying down and picking up the weapon between every shot. I do not use the assistance rig like most do.
Have had one, tried it, was not my thing. It feels unsafe balancing a loaded weapon on it, since they are so flimsy.
So I even prefer the pain from bending myself picking up the rifle every time I reload over that stuff. It feels safer. No risk of losing balance losing control over the weapon potentially hurting someone. Sure, it probably cuts a couple of points. But I do not compete with the others. I want the capacity of being able to have full body control and weapon control despite being in the standing uniform which limits movement somewhat.

Anyway. I am happy. A ten point up is a good sign. Especially considering the physical state I am currently in.
Took every stray shot like a man. Since it was easy to understand why.

Enough of whining.
Now it is out in the shit again.
Seven kilometers with fourteen kilo carry.
It is going to hurt like hell.
But I am no fucking loser.
Only two more laps until all the enemies will be exterminated and removed from life.

If not us, then who?
Die, but do.

(You know you guys always inspire me)