the movie “The Stay”.
Damn well made experience for an indie production.
When I thought it could not get more unbearable it turned 180.

The synchronicity was spot on.
Those are the kind of people I avoid like the plague.
The fake over-polished unauthentic smiles and posh holier-than-thou apathetics.
Not religiously speaking. But in social credit. Which is the modern religion.
The modern fascism. With paranoia, suppressed psychopathy and prejudice.
Not saying it entirely as if I am or were free from it.
But you get my point.
The honest ‘weirdo’ was more relatable. Even if symbolically taken to the extreme.

I find it equally amusing every time I read about some similar shitshow going down in society.
I wonder how many times they will have to test unauthenticity before they realise the futile insanity.

Shit like that happens even in my own small municipality.
So it is not just people from zoociety.

It might not be related to this, but:
It was a good thing with the pandemic.
The independent scene flourished.
From pure necessity or plain boredom.