True love

Probably one of the most controversial things on this planet amongst the people who have never experienced it. It is like being rich, everyone who does not have it wants it – and the ones who have experienced it enjoys it. Shitty metaphor, but to those whose brains are wired into obsession, it might make sense.

Have you ever seen ‘it’?
When you close your eyes?
If you have no idea what I am talking about, you have still a long way ahead.
Much stuff is getting in the way.

That, whatever it is.
And when you feel the utter and absolute gratification before the fact that you are alive. It is a transcendental sensation, and it affects your entire body. The very thing that holds you together. The very thing that keeps you alive. Whatever it is, no matter what name or symbol you give it.

Have you ever experienced that?
Everything else is just an expression. Nothing more, nothing less.
Every breath you take is just an expression. Every blinking of your eyes. Every kiss. Every step you walk. Every word you utter. Every person you touch. Every single thing you perceive is just an expression. Nothing more, nothing less. An expression of love.

But when you feel ‘it’. That flowing sensation in the body. That wonderous and mysterious contemplation of how you can even be. That you even are. And the possibility to become. You realise the difference between desire for certain expression and actual genuine love. If you have that, no lonesome is unbearable. Because you have ‘it’. You truly know how to love, as to say express.

The ones who cannot do that because they are distracted by ideas. Thoughts in their heads that tells them what to express and what to desire. They sell out to the collective notion surrounding certain expressions. They think sex is love. They think romance is love. They think this or that is love. It is just an expression of it. Because without love, you would not be able to have the impression from other expressions. Your body would not hold together.

To me, the greatest disability that ever existed among humans is the inability to love oneself. Because that means you do not love the components, the cells, the organs, that holds you together, that makes you you. And you would most likely not care for them. Instead you will only cater to and care for the ones that grants you certain impression, certain sensation. It is an addiction to certain expression. It is misery ‘loves’ company.

So to me, anyone that is in anyway against any form of expression, as to say freedom of expression, are against love. They might take the name of love in vain, pretend that they have it. But they will always end up jealous of the ones who has it.

Someone who cares for their own body and expression is someone who is in love. Expressing a certain form of love towards themselves. It is the absolute appreciation before the greatest gift you will ever be given in all of the time you are alive: the chance to be alive. So many people take that absolute gift for granted. They even squander it when considering themselves superior to other forms of life. And therefore they will always be in a state of dissatisfaction. Always after some more. Always after certain expressions of love as to still their manic desires for elation.

A person who does not care for themselves, dependent on the approval from other, that they are ‘love’ – who labels someone else who do care for themselves because of the appreciation for life a ‘narcissist’ has usually no idea what love is. And neither will they ever as long as they maintain their addiction to certain expressions of love.

But once you have metaphorically lifted your eye, become aware of your brief life, and therefore can appreciate it to the fullest – you will know. You will realise exactly what love is. And you will also understand that it is impossible to replicate in expression. As to say, there is no expression in existence that can fully contain or describe true love. It could at best guide your perception towards it or remind you of it. But it cannot ever be expressed in its completeness. Because if it could, it would be pointless. It would not harness the attraction it does.

This is why people who does not feel ‘it’, recognise ‘it’, appreciate ‘it’ will ever come to know true love. And why they will always pursue greater and more intense expressions to still their hunger for it. But it is an exercise in futility. And why such people will always find themselves jealous of those that can tap into ‘it’.

I know ‘it’, and that is where all my integrity comes from.
Because to me, it is whatever that arranged all the life through expression.
Thus recognising and appreciating it, will allow you to tap into it.
And once fully entertained by ‘it’, sex, for example, becomes no more than an expression.
An alluring and stimulating one, but it is absolutely boring if it does not contain the element of love.

Sex which contains true love is usually a very subtle, calm and curious expression. Like the first time. When overwhelmed by a new expression.
This is why children and animals are better at knowing ‘it’.
And why adults usually lose it along the way as they get more and more distracted with expressions of others. Constantly comparing themselves, constantly seeking the approval for their expression.

If you love your own expression, you got it.
Your body is an expression.