Is a funny topic. When you partake in arguing against it. Because most people arguing against it is actually quite hypocritical.

What even is human?
What defines human?
Do you attach it to some image you were given during education?
Well, education is by definition Transhumanism.
So if you have attended school, you are Transhuman.

Do you drive a car?
If so you are leaning towards transhumanism. Because by means of external contraption you have enhanced the human capacity for mobility.
A bike is enough as well.

Use the goddamn legs God gave you, you miserable abomination of a car-driver.
A phone?

I mean, I respect the Amish, because they take their opposition seriously.
Clothing is still Transhumanism though. As is literacy.
But at least they try. And they are closer to ‘natural humanism’.
Despite it being weird in expression in regard to organic nature.

Quite hard to not be Transhuman in any shape, form or manner.
Your ability to even comprehend the symbol ‘Transhuman’ makes you transhuman by default.
Because you are going through the human experience; Transhuman.
The extension of intellectual attachment to the symbol ‘Transhuman’ however, indicates that it ought to deviate towards the ‘ahead of its time’ in expression.

Imagine the first dude (or more probable, woman) who could ride a horse.
Imagine the first dude (for certain) who rode a car.
Can you imagine the plane? Dream of human made manifest.

Answer me seriously.
Would you be against teleportation?
Living anywhere on the planet in whichever moment.
Mobility become irrelevant.

We have already come far enough to conceptualise our own evolution.
It has only just begun.
And now you people want to stop?

(Whatever you people are on, I desire to sample it. Because clearly, I have not done it yet)
I do not even have a drivers licence and car yet, and people who has that claims I am ‘going against God’. Well, I am most certainly going, as in walking. That is one reason why I am so Godgood fit and still have my abs at the age of 30+.
Guess that is less Transhuman these days than carrying around … an excess of energy?

You know, maybe if we busied ourselves collectively, nationally, globally, in Transhuman endeavours, there would not be wars. Because the work produced would simply be too delicate to lose.

Remember, God is omnipresent according to its own intellectualised manifestation. So it ought to be cheering for everyone that loves and respects its creations. However they flower. That is my take from it. It also makes sense with the idea that Christ were against throwing stones.