This is

rather personal, but not so personal.
More from the viewpoint that it does not concern me very much.
I prefer keeping myself as vaguely defined as possible, as it enables more adaptation and by so becoming.

It is usually a question of stance and belonging – it seems important to people.
To me, I have grown into a character that values integrity more than credit – also in that conceptualisation of the world.

My main association is of course to the Swedish entity. Been my entire life. Conceptually speaking in my ego, it is “home”. Even though to me, my own mind, the arrangement in the mental dimension is more relevant to the symbol “home”.
But yes, my ‘physical root’ is stationed in Sweden, and agrees to great degree with the entity – but opposes some arrangements.

Biogenetically speaking I am mainly of Swedish, Finnish and Russian (and Karelian) genetic material. Both directly and indirectly. Those are entities I will never ever stand in conflict with, in any way or direction. Because they are “family”. There is superficial tension on the societal level between some of them, but that does not concern me.
I have little reason to believe that actual conflict will arise. And in the case it does I will stand down as neutral pacifist between them. I refuse to kill “family” (alternative associated meaning to: genocide – ‘Familiar’ being alternative association to ‘Family’) of any kind. Indirectly that has recently also come to include Estonia. Gz bro!

Neurogenetically speaking I am straight multidimensional, multicultural and completely international. I do not give a flying fuck about alignment and will struggle to find the least conflicting solution.

My main alignment in terms of arrangement is of course towards the Swedish entity. So most of my expressions will be in regard to it; constructive, critical or both.

When accepted by my “home” entity, as stipulated by its own core arrangement such as constitution, then of course my praise towards its efficiency is greater.

Things such as those are not as important to me, who tries to apply an actual authentic perspective of science onto everything. I do not like to inject personal opinion too much. Because it disturbs a lot of mental experimentation I have going on in my informational arrangement in the mental dimension.

But no, I am not an enemy to Sweden. I have, and have had some strong opinions.
Might have expressed myself clumsily (if not completely fucked up) at occasions as well.
But still, no.
And I simply refuse to become, regardless of personal opinion in certain cases.
If you perceive me to be, you are.
If you want me dead, then you like the idea of genocide.
Killing (certain type of) your own or specific external genetic material.
Not judging you, but careful (as in pay attention to) how you define your own game.
Because if quantum theory is correct, it will not be in your favour.

If you consider my consideration of language, then please consider this arrangement:
“Love overcomes”