This girl

is way better than the previous.
I love this feeling.

Thank you God, for showing up with a face I can love.
An energetic construct that is admirable and beautiful.
Pure, innocent and full of light in Caribbean blue.
Not corrupted, broken and overly grey skies.

But I wonder what it is you tried to show me.
Shall I trust what I feel, and am I safe if so be it?
I do not fear what you show is to come.
What I do fear is those who cannot hear nor see.
People in panic are one of the biggest dangers.

As I look into your infinite depth of consciousness:
Please arrange me so that those imposing dies before they reach me.
Burning up in my superficial atmosphere of energetic quantum arrangement.
That every step is of a nature avoiding, eluding them.
If they insist, like they did in the past.
Take from them what they took from me.
And let them fight me on equal terms.
They say rules does not apply to the rich.

I say rules does not apply to the divine.
Since it allowed the creation of rules.
There is always a way to overcome, circumvent or break.
If one is alive and creative.
If one is with divine intent.

You distract them with money and make up.
They can take the scene on the surface.
While we conquer it all below surface.

Please lead me to the new world.
Where there is nothing but reason.