There is

something so pleasing about seeing one’s own abs.
Like the payday after hard work, and in my case tremendous suffering.
Also as a proof of work, which is increasing in scarcity with age apparently.
Everyone ought to have abs my age. At least of those who wants it.
It is still easy enough to get, for me to be able to get it.

One does not do it to impress others, at least not I.
But I can understand that insane mindset of ‘success’.
One does it to impress oneself, to have self love.
A reason to protect one’s investment.
I guess that is why those who do it for others usually fail.

I like what I see when I look in my mirror.
And ain’t that a Godgood blessing.

You should to.
If you do not.
Re-engineer yourself.
Re-design yourself.
Invest into yourself.
And protect your investment.
By increasing your sophistication.

Life is only for those who wants it.
Never ever forget that.
Those mainly attempting to take it from others does not know what they want.
And therefore does not cherish their own lives as much.
If you desire yourself, as in your own sophistication, you have an infinite source of motivation.