There are

just about two hundred years left according to the backwards echoing synchronicity I pick up on. Trusting that, as it has come to show itself currently arranging, especially with the amplifying renaissance becoming in transdimensional bridging. The coming fifties and sixties are gonna be very interesting.

But anyhow, nothing is ever guaranteed due to the fragile fluctuations of gravity in the temporal – so when the inevitable eventually arrives, as of now my desired musical arrangement would be as follow:
1: Tool – Intension
2: Metallica – Nothing else matters
3: Marilyn Manson – Running to the edge of the world
4: Portugal. The Man – Sleep forever

Some music is just so good that it qualifies to conclude a life. I know many more, so it comes down to the entirety of it.
I am not sure I dare believing I am capable to create anything as such during my time.
I can hope, but that is also never a guarantee.

My Opus will be great, I hope, when it is completed.
But it is easier to work on it alone as of now.