Then she

lowers her glasses, looks up and smiles.
Adventurous in a mindset of curiosity.
Asking, if not begging.
Like a blouse covered in birds.

All motions of shapeshifting energies.
A mere point of the expressing now.
Radiatious in a biology of form,
flowering itself into death.

Misunderstood, indeed.
Progression patterns aflux.
Societal congregation of opinions,
shaping all the hereafter.

None within and all without.
Asking, she does, silently.
For the Universal pi,
to fill her space with life.

All work and no play.
No night and all day.
Lingering sleep of dreams.
Halting all the death of it.

Reign of projection sickness,
demolishes beauty manifest.
Opinionated sodas for the hive,
deteriorating the mutual pleasure.

Then she raise her glasses, looks down.
And smiles even more.
Life is and will always be,
for those loving it.