The phun

“You know what is funny?”
I ask her observationally.
“No fucking idea, honey?”
She answers occasionally.

“Them and theirs, you know”
I move on playfully cautiously.
“Not one of these, just show!”
She sighs to me obnoxiously.

“But that is not as fun”
I say to her teasingly.
“I know you want your run”
I giggle increasingly.

“Goddamn you are unbearable!”
She blurts out loud.
“And to nothing comparable!”
Slightly toned proud.

“I might not get the trophy wife”
I tell her initially.
“Get one of those to fill my life”
I add specifically.

“But no matter the overpriced prize”
I say to her jokingly.
“Nobody complained about my size”
Absolutely provokingly.

“Oh holy heaven and righteous lord!”
She cries of laughter.
“Would have been one for the board!”
She stutters thereafter.

“You know how they are..”
I continue onwards.
“Not being able to see far”
I add to it afterwards.

“But it does not matter..”
She fills me in.
“For we are not the latter..”
And we smile within.