The only

thing equally disturbing and annoying as a screaming libertarian who cannot exercise their freedom of choice without involving the entire planet in the endeavour is a conservative that truly believes that anyone cares about what they have to say.

Being ignored is not the same as being cancelled.
And vice versa.

I always reject any political retard.
Expressions of intellect with low level integrity does not impress me.
I myself prefer those with an integrated and functioning brain.
In which case they would most likely have overcome the symbolic training course of life.

Personally I operate from the mindset that everyone but the infinite consciousness ignores me and my expressions.
Because nobody has the obligation nor duty to pay attention to anyone.
No matter how retarded their opinion; left or right.

I listen to those who has something valuable to say.
And it is rarely, if ever, those who claims they have something valuable to say.
Anyone craving my attention without acute context is a straight up ‘ignore’ from me.