The answer

You can cheat in the made up intellectual rules of society.
But you cannot cheat the rules of nature.

As long as you try to do that, people will die.
And you will not know why.

So stop asking why people die.
You people brought it upon yourselves.

There is not much love for life in human society.
So you cannot expect it to flourish there.

Society has only love for the ego.
Therefore comes the result of that.

The ego is that which whispers all those things.
From the back of your head when you see people.

All opinions, all prejudice, all dictations.
If you are not aware of that. Imagine.

Not many people are.
Because the ego makes them think they are.
But they never question it.

All who do are harassed by the societal system.
Hence self-produced internal conflict in the colony.

A national autoimmune disease.
Where some components simply must die.
Just because the ego says so.

How often does your ego wish to kill?
Even if only in thought inside your head.
Or expressed in art or literature.

The ego is the most evil thing humans has ever been up against.
And the majority does not even know it exists.
That is how ‘good’ it is.