Is by far my favourite piece of fashion deemed by amount used.
I love that piece of equipment, because of my interpretation of the symbol.
It is a very important symbol culturally. Even though the read is different to some.
Usually it is associated with ‘manliness’. That a person has transcended into mandom.
Usually through military service.

I have extended that symbol slightly further in meaning.
It means the same thing. But differently conceptualised.
To me it means you have learned to appreciate the feminine. (If masculine)
However you conceptualise it: a partner, a country, a culture, an ideal or whatever.
To serve a motherland in that symbol is an extended conceptualisation of life.
Brought by the land enabling you to be alive.
Thus appreciation directed towards it.

To me it is a symbol for maturity in my own entity.
My own body is my own cellular ‘motherland’; my ‘matter’.
So it is a reminder for self love to me.
It is a very beautiful symbol.

To me personally it is more ‘manly’ than for example a suit.
It might not ‘look’ that way, but appearances are deceptive.
And symbols are more powerful than you think.

So it is not ‘cultural appropriation’ or anything similar.
I just love the symbol developed, because it works.

I am telling you.
Putting on a clean, properly folded, slightly warm, slightly tight telnyashka could pass for a potentially addicting substance usage through superdermal morphogenesis (aka fashion).