The subjective language of symbolic comprehension.

Instead of focusing on the external component of the expression, it places its focus on the internal component in the shape of impression. It is an impressive language far more than one based in mutual objectivity.
Hence why it is so hard to learn, or rather, realise what it is and to explain in expression.

Because people who partake of an expression explaining it, are simultaneously more or less consciously realising their ability to extract synchronicity – hence why some individuals tend to synchronise better.

The human ego is nothing more than an intellectual construct of invented language and formulated symbols through which it generates a system of comprehension. Without proper comprehension, it will serve as an intellectual auto-pilot, as it is intellectually and therefore emotionally, wired into the entirety of the human nervous system.
This is for example the explanation why some people can experience ‘cringe’ from a set of words in certain composition. It is a symbolic command that sparks an intellectual reaction in the recipient further manifesting throughout the nervous system.
Little different from an intense experience which also is caused by perceptional input forcing the body to tense up; but in this case because of challenge rather than illusive shame.

Therefore the human ego may be commanded and encoded into certain function, from the earliest expressions of primitive sound to highly formulated patterns of symbolic composition: neuro-linguistic programming. And over extended sophistication dictating behavioural patterns encoded into behavioural function: neuro-genetic programming. And over time into comprehensive function through observation: chrono-genetic programming.
Epi-genetics is simply the model through which the majority of perception is directed: to an exogenic source; like you consuming of this intellectual composition right now.
Endo-genetics would be opposite, the reliance on already accumulated patterns and usage thereof into ever increasing sophistication; internal growth as opposed to external.

It may only happen if one has achieved proper levels of consciousness to in a sovereign manner command ones neural hive into develop such functions further. Hence why the neural hive may also be commanded into avoid it or disbelieve it.

Synchronicity always happens through the ego. Regardless if it is ego-driven or consciously driven. An ego-driven perception will always be limited based on the fixed cap of accumulated intellect whereas conscious perception allows for infinite perception of patterns, as new patterns can creatively be generated in real time.

Therefore the futility in trying to teach synchronicity as a fixed language, since it will serve the synchronicity of the perceiving ego regardless. So the only way to teach it is to point it out and make the recipient aware of it.

The ego is the filter that is between your consciousness and all external constructs of energy. So linguistic exchange is an ego-driven form of communication and thus neural synchronicity – and if the ego of the composing individual is wired into consciousness, sufficient levels of sophistication can be achieved.
But it also requires the recipient of the composition to be able to properly decode it in mutual understanding, otherwise it will adapt to the intellectual construct in that ego, consciously wired or not.

Synchronicity starts to occur in a human once they become the master of their brain rather than the other way around. It is the most living language to exist, because it transcends all symbolical language. It is a method of comprehension utilising perception. And it can be both conscious and artificial.
Most people would end up in the artificial spectrum. Such as reading this artificially constructed piece of information through my ego. But with enough perception one may deduce the conscious formulation that is in and of these words. It is about how many layers of comprehension whichever recipients mind may be able to deduce.

Simplistic forms of intellectual synchronicity average humans experience on almost a daily basis, even if only semi-consciously caught. Like thinking of a person that just later calls. Or having events that seem less coincidental – like thinking about something and then have some content creator share material in that topic.
With greater levels of comprehension though, the perceived ‘random’ falls away and more or less everything that ever is in perception, internal and external, becomes a synchronistic event.

Because it is the brain’s ability to symbolise structured energy within the existence. The greater its capacity for that, internal and external, the more layers to synchronicity that arrives. Because everything, as perceived by the brain itself, is a clockwork trade of energy.
Your ability to realise the mechanics of that is simply dependent on your perception and comprehension of it.

In extension, synchronicity is the symbolic manifestation of several aspects of quantum mechanics. Because it is when the mind is initiating the development into a trans-dimensional perception. Language is no longer a mere intellectual construct, but a conduit for energy transfer. The sophistication of the information only dictates the functional value of the genetic material that is being transferred.

As such:
Synchronicity cannot be taught.
It can only be pointed out and guided towards.