Structural morphosis

The most rapid way to reshape the body is by means of movement.
Especially movement with resistance.
Which is why I carry weight. It is primarily not for the sake of increasing muscles, but for the sake of increasing balance through greater neural integration.
Carrying weight over long distance is probably the best way to integrate with the body. Because you are forced to maintain balance in order to uphold the momentum. ‘Forced’ is the key word. Your force. Your force of electromagnetic charge. That is why you add resistance.
Because the electromagnetic flow in the body is increased, the power in which it integrates the cellular structure increase. Like digitalisation of a country. That is biological progression.
You are ‘shapeshifting’ with every movement you make with your body, so the more efficient the movement, the more rapid the shapeshifting. You have to wire your body in order to move more efficient.
When proper balance has been found it is all about energy distribution. As to say, the development of the efficiency with which your homeostatic construct is operating.

The greater the resistance of the movement, the higher the thermodynamic transmutation of energy, as you generate heat during the momentum. With heat restructuring is easier. Applies on the body as much as it applies on minerals.

Move for balance and efficiency through sophistication primarily. Strength should only be a conduit for the efficiency to manifest itself within. Strength without efficiency is like a rifle without a scope.
Thus I tend to opt for accuracy rather than brute force.

Arguably it might not be healthy considering my size and efficiency in extracting nutrients. But every cell in my body is militarised, and therefore take joy in such endeavour.
All my cells are loyal to the death of me, that is the fruit of self love; lack of internal conflict.