Sorry bois

I am really only into girls. (intended)
I like intellectual exchange with bois in shape of discussion, which would be mental procreation. If they are good at it and consciously aware. Otherwise is it just throwing mental excrements back and forth to no furthering.

Military/paramilitary girls are my biggest weakness. Because they are usually balanced with their male component. Which means they synchronise more easily with both my male and female component.

As to say, I do not want a princess who cannot handle herself.
I want a princess who has militarised herself.
(Princess being figuratively; our official Princess of Sweden is as far as I know militarised) ^^
It takes a strong male to appreciate a strong female.
(and the other way around as well)
Otherwise it will be perceived as competition and conflict ensues.
That is why I myself work on both my components to the best of my effort.

If I got the opportunity to choose, I would desire myself in a female body as an externalised partner. Because I would know EXACTLY what I would want. In both bodies simultaneously.
It is not hard to pleasure women when you understand them through your own female component. The same goes for males.