I signed up for Netflix once again.

Why is it that I cannot have English subtitles?
I mean, Swedish is my native language.
But I consider English my more main and preferred language (maybe except blogging – but that is more for the sake and care of my native people than myself) due to greater proficiency.
So while they speak English in the movies, I am forced to have Swedish subs.
I never have Swedish subs in entertainment. Ever. I know both English and Swedish well enough for me to not need that.

Hint, Swedes are often more proficient in English than Americans – usually only the highly educated that offer a challenge. (Speaking the Internet now)
(Though I prefer British, in which case it might not always be the case – you proud bloody bastards ^^)
But you do you America, it will be fine. You are still a young country with a bright future. ^^

I know about the regional settings and all. But it feels like absolute overkill to have to rely on a VPN to get an English subtitle when they speak English.
The reason I use subtitles is not because I do not understand, but because I do not always hear what they say. Yes I often use the SDH subtitle. My hearing is fine and all, it my synaesthesia that makes it hard sometimes.

If they speak English and I have a Swedish sub, it distracts me from the movie, since I have to translate the subtitle to English in my mind – to know what they said.

Netflix, please.
English is a very VERY common language in the Nordic countries. Since it is mandatory in our (free ^^) education. So much so that we do not need to dub movies for people above the age of 8.