I saw the movie “Skjelvet” (Norwegian for ‘The Quake’).
Norwegians are good at making movies.
That one was absolutely nerve-racking.
In other words: well made.

Also the Norwegian language. <3
They sound like Swedes on weed.
At all times. Happy and ‘singing’.
I love it!

However, if I found myself in a similar situation (!) like the main character.
I would stop attempting to warn people if I knew beforehand of something lingering about.
I mean, you do one or two friendly pointers. If they refuse to pick up on the synchronicity because of indoctrinated prejudice, they do not deserve to live anyway.
I would focus on the ones that matters and make sure they live.
I have never liked social credit people (not empathy, I mean the bureaucratic fascism; institutional or capitalistic – if it does not serve the people it is malign by nature).

They usually learn the hard way.
If you ever see animals running irrationally.
Or, corrupt (aka normal) humans acting violently and irrationally.
Or, sane people (aka the weird ones) preparing..
That is the “run for your life” signal.
Because that is ‘God’ knocking you (plural) in the head.
You feel it in the mind first. And your mind creates your perception.
Assuming you are not too retarded to be receptive.

I think it was a stroke of genius how they put that in the movie. With the broken waterpipes scene.
Normal people do not question the context. No situational awareness whatsoever.
At that point you should not freak out, but start paying attention and observe.
If you find further clear pointers:
Whatever that means.
Because you cannot fight nature in most situations.