She knows

who she is.

“Jag älskar dig Theta” she whispered through the mind.
“Och jag älskar dig..” I answered her in thought.
Everything is so different in the dream, thus why they say one should keep on. One dream after the other. She is the first one my mind goes to when I think of someone. Always figuring in my synchronicity. Playing around with the symbols.
She remained silent.
“Tror inte att någon kan ta den platsen om jag ska vara ärlig, hurän många som kommer i vägen.” I continued and could clearly sense her smile.
“Jag älskar dina fantasier..” she responded with a clear undertone of suppressed shame.
“I hemlighet, definitivt.” I responded teasingly.
“Som att de någonsin skulle veta.” She replied somewhat paranoid.
“Som att det skulle spela någon roll om de gjorde.” I countered.
She said nothing more. But I could clearly sense the waves of heat coming over me. As a function of the subtle love in the underworld. Where only the conscious resides.
“Förlåt för det jag sade..” she began.
“Som att jag vore bättre.” I cut her off.
Those claiming that love at first sight is a foolish thing either does not know themselves or has yet to experience real love. Some people just nails it and she stole my heart the first time our eyes met.
“Hmpfh..” she uttered in lack of response.
“Jag målade dig en till tavla. Du är den enda som jag målat två tavlor till. Jag förmodar det betyder något i relation till undermedveten synkronicitet.” I explained to her and felt her blushing slightly.
“Nu förstår jag deras svartsjuka..” she whispered and I just smiled.
“Så länge som du är lycklig. Så spelar det ingen roll.” I said concludingly and entered sleep where we shared the dream. So many days and nights I have listened to her through the underworld.

I know she knows, because I know.