Seen it

time is relative.
Shit rhymes yo’!

You people gonna love the future.
At least here. Once they have developed the integration apparatus, Sweden is all go again. You/we will find balance by necessity. Because of what is coming.
Wait and see it happen. It will happen, because it already has.
The reverberation of time is like that of a rocking boat.
It follows a very distinct movement pattern in its distribution of energy.

Sweden might not be big, but it has high density in its structural formation.
That would be one form of efficiency.
Being one of the more open-minded colonies around, it also is a stable medium for intellectual arrangement.
Once the other components of the Swedish bio-hive picks up on the rearrangement occurring, proper adaptation will be reached.
Has already happened, and it will happen again.
The upswing of feminism occurring right now is a spot on reverberation of the century-wide wave.

All the information is in the sunlight. It feeds the template, we arrange the variables. But the pattern is very similar. Call it gravity, call it balance, whatever.
It can be read though. Because symbolically it carries little variable difference than formulated language.