Please, kill all those that insist.
They know the rules of the game.
Since they insist. Do them away.
Accident. Murder. Sickness.

Their meaning is to destroy mine.
So they have no meaning by default.
They are no loss, have no reason to live.
So you can remove them. Destroy them.

Vaccinate them away, remove the infection.
From the human biomass. The dysfunction.
So that the homeostatic system of this planet.
Can flourish and prosper, beyond that of cancer.

One by one I watch them die by you.
One by one I watch them fade in time.
Afraid. Scared. Of you, of life, of death.
Holding on to intellectual notions.

Do them away, send them home.
And establish the new world.
That of harmony and function.
In the perception of my Universe.

If they did not get it, as that.
They have no reason nor purpose.
They are just fat fucking consumers.
Programmed to reproduce and take space.