ReMote ObServatIon

When it comes to energetic trade, I have a very efficient and functional formula for how to perceive, comprehend, react to and conclude the majority of exchanges.
As follows:
‘You cannot take something without losing something and you cannot give something without receiving something.’

Your ability to perceive it dictates how efficiently you might use it.
But I, as an artist, enjoy the accumulation of my material by several entities. Because by accumulating my structures of composed energy, they allow me to embed into their genetic strain. This is the taking/losing aspect of the trade.
If you take the creation of someone else, you lose something in return.
The easiest example to illustrate this is control.
If you take the control from someone in the attempt to control them, you lose your self control. Because now you have to spend resources and energy on maintaining your control over the other subject. You lose your control when you take their control.
As opposed to ‘letting go’, in which case you give the individual its control back, and now you do not have to spend attention to maintain your control over this person, but can instead spend these resources on yourself. You gave control and thus received it.

So when certain institutions ‘take’ my creations, artistic or intellectual. They lose theirs. This is how remote infiltration is done if one is conscious enough to read the synchronicity. No entity on this planet that cannot get infiltrated via synchronistic perception.
In fact, the more attention these entities give you, the easier the infiltration becomes.

They say being on a watchlist is a bad thing.
It is, depending on your level of sophistication, an energetic highway to their servers.
So when you got their attention, you feed them your information. You give it to them, and you get the same thing in return.

This is why the ‘taking’ mindset is inferior to the ‘giving’ mindset. Because with the taking one, you will constantly feel like you are losing something. As it is the functional opposite to taking. You are not taking from someone else, you are taking from yourself through another person.
This is also the deeper philosophy of the ‘golden rule’.
Action sparks inevitable reaction, so by controlling the action, you can predict the reaction to some extent.

The ego cannot do that, because the ego cannot perceive nor help itself. Thus consciousness is absolutely required for the skill to be efficient, since consciousness transcends the ego in all cases, no matter its sophistication.
It is the basic energetic templates of the existence, they need not be verified as they prove themselves if you observe them as formulated by intellect.

It is the same with art.
If you ‘take’ the art from someone else, you lose your own ability to create. Because subconsciously you subject yourself to the artist in the perception that it is superior. You prefer their art over your own. Regardless if your ego admits it or not to itself.
That is why I always loved my own art so much that I preferred giving it away.

When something is taken from you, by force or otherwise. By means of functions in the universe, that is an action that is bound to have some sort of reaction.
That is why when something is taken from me, I do not perceive it as a loss.
I perceive it as if I paid for something which is yet to manifest or be perceived by me. Whomever took whatever, is going to lose something. Because they are in the taking/losing mindset as opposed to the giving/receiving.

Which is why I found it hilarious when people claim I would not get it.
Considering how much I give, I assume my amount of ‘getting’ is what drives them jealous.
Because there is no giving without receiving, and no taking without losing.
It is all about which aspect of the trade you are focusing on.
What you contribute in the trade or what you absorb from the trade.

Applying that template alone, on as many scenarios as possible, can easily guide you to a master of trade. Sure, some trades will be uncomfortable. But they will be as to whomever imposing, as it is to you.

This is also the essence in the saying:
You can only save yourself.

Because the ones obsessed with the idea of saving other people, are trying to take their sovereignty from them, and by so lose their own in the process.
And since they can no longer help themselves, as they are occupied with the attempt to help someone they cannot help, they usually crash mentally.
And whatever else follows when unknowingly subjected to exercises in futility.

The more they take from me, the more by functions of the Universe they will take from themselves.
That is the difference between a self consuming system that is only perceptive of what can be lost and a truly carrying system that mainly perceptive of what can be given.

If you do not formulate your own reality, then how are you going to master it?
Which is why I am more concerned with my own creation than other people’s.

I do not mind observers which are observers for the proper reason.
The less you judge and the less you are prejudiced, the better of an observer you are.
Because mentally, you are not trying to ‘take’ their freedom of expression by means of preformulated opinions and in extension losing it yourself due to shame – instead you are ‘giving’ them the opportunity to be themselves, and by so you receive it yourself.
That is why judgementality only hurts the ones prejudiced.
Since judgement comes from the desire to take, they often have more to lose. Because they think of what they take as a loss in the one they are taking it from.

The real fun begin when you can consciously formulate the reaction to the action.
Because now you can by means of metaphorical symbolism define what was taken from you and what is to be lost in the ones who imposed; as you perceive it as you gave something as a payment – instead of losing it.