these simple facts:
Everyone able of higher reason is by definition a psychopath.
Everyone able of higher social interaction is an expressing sociopath.
Everyone able of electromagnetic reverberation in their biomass is an empath.
So on and so forth in whichever intellectual pathogens.
If you are none, you are apathetic.
As in asexual, apolitical, areligious, atheist.
You are them, by having an ego.
Do not program your ego to be unaware of its on paths.
Only by awareness can you handle them.
Everyone are. Denial is futile. And stupid.
Only bringing itself more into manifestation.

Those most admitting are usually those capable of most handling.
Because realisation is necessary for overcoming.

Sports, as in arranged competition, is probably one of the most psychopathic things on this planet. (War is too destructive to even qualify under such a mild symbol in comparison)
Music, as in arranged composition, is probably one of the most sociopathic things on this planet. (Manipulation is by intent, it does not come through all social interaction)
Handling of the human condition. Use your imagination for empathy, but fucking fuck does it come in a wide spectrum.

Watch out for those in denial, they have not made it far in their minds.
As long as they are intellectually innocent, as to say, symbolically naive, they pose little danger. It is in the gap they are dangerous. Once they realise, they become less dangerous over time – depending on the environment.