Plot twist

Over a hundred years ago they thought themselves too sophisticated for war.
Went to war to solve the last issues. The last war.

Then followed probably the most atrocious wars in the modern segment of the human genome; after the last DNA-reset.

If you think, even remotely think, that we are over war in humanity, you are already manifesting it subconsciously.
It has already started in the cities, when you think about it. Some fuck gets shot every other day these days. In Sweden.
It is not only our fault. It is by design. It is a cyclic thing. As sure as the fall arrives every year.
It just manifests differently.
Humans are ego-driven, hence superficial competition. Therefore superficial war. It will manifest somehow in us.

The very best we can do is move the conflict into the intellectual.
But it will still be a war. Make no mistake. And people will die.
Bureaucracy is fascism hidden in intellectual sophistry.
Designed to ‘weed out’ undesirables with exclusion.
If you think we have learned even a slight shit.
You have not learned even a slight shit.

The genocide marches on.

There will be war.
Make no mistake.

The imposing restriction following the artificial response to the global infection is a war on the liberties granted by merely being alive.
War is already here.

The killing is not even out of the changing room yet.