Piece 9: Company


I find people who doubts the deeper aspects of the existence and the metaphysical principles rather amusing. If that is their personal belief, then so be it. But people who either attacks or tries to discredit another persons passion within those subjects does nothing than to prove their naivety or victim status. Only a person in either fear or jealousy would attack such a concept, as it does not contribute towards their progression or survival to attack another who explores those areas, and only a victim would indulge in such action. A master would not care about what the belief or passion of another might be. The same goes for a person who actively works towards discredit such passion, as only a person with an inferior mind or pathetic aspirations would focus on the conduct of another above their own. They are literally wasting their time and energy on something they did not consider worthy of their time to begin with; the irony is obvious to those able to see it. Personally I do not care about people who doubts the superconscious state, they are bred and raised to be servants and slaves anyhow; which is obvious as they honestly and truly believe that being subjected to a taught paradigm are superior to be mentally sovereign, consciously independent and free. They have no clue whatsoever why they are here, how or why they function, what they want to do, where they wanna go or even what or who to truly believe, as they obviously do not believe in themselves when they constantly refer to the conclusions of someone else, but rarely, if ever, their own.