Piece 8: Transdimensional Travelling

“Transdimensional Travelling”

To relocate temporally is as easy to do as it is to relocate spatially. To take a walk outside would in perception be to spatially relocate, but by inducing mental awareness in terms of perceptive comprehension of the temporal rendition in the projected holographic reality via the mind of the observer, one may easily relocate temporally. Not physically but rather astrally and consciously, although the spatial momentum can assist this perceptive comprehension by easing the perceptive input through change. Tech, in terms of artificial constructions can and may be used in order to induce or to enhance the effect, but is not necessarily needed. In other words, one does not need to build a time machine in order to relocate temporally, one was born inside a biogenetically constructed one. Being able to use it is only dependent on ones capacity and ability to work with thought; or as to say, being able to think.