Piece 63: intrōvertere


“Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem”

When visiting the inner parts of the planet, one does it most easily by means of psychic access. Distracted people most often has a notion of it being a physical place which is accessed by physical means, when the better notion would be that of introvertism.

“The stone”, which goes under many different names and symbols, most commonly due to mainstream entertainment: “the philosophers stone” is a reference to the human mind. It is the formulation of the mind into a paradigm of comprehension which allows projected internal perception. And the more this internal realm of mental reasoning is visited the greater the sovereignty and independence that arises.

Once the mind has been properly formulated, internal travel is as easy to perform as external travel. The inner vision is as vivid and clear as the outer vision as received by the receptive organ of the human eyes.

The eyes of a human receives nothing but light, and light is nothing but radiation. The inner perception receives radiation as well, but of a completely different wavelength.

Once the portal has been formulated into the collective unconscious within the mind of the alchemist, there is no place that is inaccessible. No thought that is unthinkable. No mind that is unreachable. No time that is unexperienceable. Because the mind can animate in the inner vision what the external cannot.

It is easier to imagine something than to build something. Yet so many people squander the ability to open the inner eye and access the inner realms of the human colony. Or, as it would be translated into written words: the inner world. Or the inner parts of the planet.

There are entities alive in the inner realm which cannot live in the outer realm. Thought-forms and beings of formulated aether. Most people fail to find it, because they are distracted by the things in the external which has been conjured up by these thought-forms over time in the human history. No proper human is either introvert nor extrovert, but rather an ambivert. It is when proper integration of the internal and external has been achieved. When the integration of the inner anima, and the animus of the formulated outer has conjoined into an event horizon which is the experiencer.

But because most people are either one or the other, they cannot properly translate the inner world into the outer symbolism acquired throughout life, or understand the inner world through the outer symbolism such as formulated intellect.