Piece 62: τὼ χῡμώ

“τὼ χῡμώ”

“The Greater the Mind, the Greater the Experience”

One can achieve whatever one sets ones mind to, which by essential principle in extension means that one is ultimately limited by ones mind. Humans make the arrogant assumption that every living and animated being presently made manifest on Terra perceives the entire Universe the very same way they do. Yet they have themselves most experienced deviation from this principle in the animation of dreams. It is the same mind that animates the dream as it is that animates the reality all around them in the state of being awake.

The principle of scalar Alchemy is that of the mind being able to project itself regardless of scale and distance, in observation, influence and manipulation. It is the same Universe to the mind, only different scales of the same frequential animation. The same sound, only at different wavelengths. Therefore, the stronger and more perceptive the mind, the more receptive it become to events made manifest at different positions on the wavelengths. Or as to say, at different moments in the ocean of time. This is the fundamental of Astral projection – it is all about awareness and perception, and therefore the overall capacity of the mind.

There is very little that is impossible once one breaks the running program of “reality” in the mind of oneself. The animated program which you think is “reality” as built throughout several lifetimes of accumulated energetic transmutations formulating a genetic code taking shape in subconscious memory structures resulting in a mind enabling an ego and in the extension different aspects of personas.

The greater the self-control, the greater the mind which exerts that self-control; they are both an extension of one and the same, and completes one another. Therefore the greater the self control, the greater the mind; and the greater the mind, the greater the experience.

Because setting the mind to something requires great self control, and great self control requires a great mind – all leading to and resulting in the animated experience.