Piece 59: ÆONs


In essence, the human body is nothing more than a biological nuclear reactor. In continuous transmutation of energy within what is being consumed into functional expressions of biomass. Any kind of excessive storage of energy could potentially lead to dysfunction. Since it is still biomass which has to be maintained and kept alive. Thus the reason why obesity is increasingly dangerous, as it adheres to the laws of thermodynamics. The more biomass which has to be maintained, the more integrated the system has to be. This is why the only proper heavyweight people are living according to proper fitness. Because maintaining dysfunctional biomass creates unnecessary burden on the functional biomass. Making it immobile in the spatial dimension.

In regard to this, that is why the Georgia Guidestones proposes a maximum level of humans on the planet. It is no different than a health care physician recommending a certain weight in order to have a proper body mass index. The more important part of that recommendation is however in the second part of the sentence. There could be more biomass, but it has to be properly functional as to not cause unnecessary burden on the functional biomass. The planet itself is a living body as any other in this existence. And as of now it is an obese and cancerous dysfunctional blob unable to move properly within space. Had humans rid the planet of dysfunctional biomass, it would ease the load on the functional biomass, so much so that the momentum through space and time would be tremendously increased. Cleaning the planet and removing dysfunctional biomass is absolutely necessary in order for humans to transcend into the next stage of expressed civilisation. In the very same manner a human practice physical exercise in order to move its body more efficiently through space and time.

The expressed functions within the physical realm are the same regardless of scale they express themselves. Everyone is given the same choice to serve towards the total biomass of the planet. Just like every cell in your body is given the choice to serve towards your conglomeration of biomass. Deviation of cells in your body is killed off by the immune system, or removed if it reaches the scale of a tumour.

The planet has begun to become self aware, and is now exercising in order to become more fit in the overall cosmic hierarchy. That is why mass extinction of dysfunctional cells occur in our time. It is no different than when a person burns away fat while exercising. Denying that absolute fact only proves you are one of the dysfunctional ones, as you cannot even understand your own existence.

Proper fitness should always be rewarded and cherished, because it works towards the whole as much as it does towards the individual.