Piece 58: Ψ


When performing the action of movement, all that really happens is the rearrangement of electrons within your biomass.

The psionic flow within the physical body, depending on the oscillation potential, will decide how fast a body shape may be commanded into position. In stance, efficiency and apperance.

The greater the consciousness, the greater the integration with
the internal biological hierarchy, the greater the potential for
conscious arrangement of the biological matter;
Consciousness is not an arrangement – consciousness is that which arranges.

Due to relative scale, the cellular cycle is faster than the perception brought about by the cellular conglomeration. Therefore with proper care, nutrients, environment and arrangement of psionic force by means of conscious order, the cell’s behavior might be altered over time resulting in hastened metamorphosis.

All founded in the principle that the greater your internal integration, the greater the external projection of that sophistication.
‘You can do whatever you set your mind to’
Is true, as the concept of mindset is merely another template of electromagnetic arrangement throughout your arranged biological vessel.