Piece 50: UI


Whenever I move within or observe a conglomeration of people manifesting a group, I observe it as if a living being, an animated entity. Where a certain range of information dictates the behaviour and momentum of the mass through the existence. I am not so much interested in the information itself as I am in the informational flow. Because the dynamics in the exchange tells me as much of the group as a human body would tell a physician.

Everything in the existence corrects itself to an overriding order if not self conscious and/nor strong enough to repel that force. Exchange of energy is necessary for any group to survive as it is part of etherical animation. Much like the digital Ethernet would not exist without the informational flow generated by its users. So it is with groups of humans as well. They arrange and structure themselves around certain intellectual concepts in many different forms of expression.

An entity is any animated intellectual placeholder. A group, a Trademark, an organisation or basically anything that is an animated mental concept. As to say, it is in more or less awareness constantly being updated in perception. Whatever is made manifest by the group of people is not static. There are information set in motion via exchange. A fan base to a band is a living entity. Depending on the level of organisation the group achieves different things. A band are as much guided by its audience as it is by itself. Because all are part of and correcting themselves to the same informational structure. The same dynamic exchange of energy via information.

To me, etherical beings are as much a form of life as we ourselves are, because they follow the very same fundamental structure of functions in order to manifest itself in expression. Any group, organisation, fan base, interest group, congregation, science team and so on is just a bunch of matter, as in condensed structured energy, arranging itself around a certain intellectual concept such as a symbol or idea, in order to manifest an intellectual organism of intellectual exchange.

The health, vigour and fundamental functions can be observed, predicted and catalogued from entities such as these and it is done on a regular basis. Mapping of countries or other masses of people over certain area of land mass in space is a way of keeping track of that manifested entity. Much like one keeps track of ones body to a certain extent.

Generally what manifests, drives and animates any group of people is what dictates their behaviour. The more advanced the entity, the larger its organisation. Because the group can only manifest a result which it itself is able to generate. By observing and paying attention towards the informational flow in any entity, it is possible to calculate its capacity for progression and growth. Also whether it is benign or malign.

To realise malignity is not a simple task, since most entities are by fundamental nature programmed down on genetic level in terms of code to focus on expansion and growth. But not for what. Hence it never questions why and on the expense of what.

Processing capability dictates the informational output. Since what is being processed is information between individual entities or phases of assessing the informational structure. As to say, depending on the internal efficiency of a group, the external produce can be perceived. As made manifest on any scale and level. Since the human body and brain is a conglomeration of functional entities, the human efficiency may vary a lot only depending on how information is being processed by means of thought. Because thought is the human producer of information.

Understanding the sophistication of intellectual artificial intelligence is required in order to fully understand group dynamics and informational exchange. Otherwise it will pass the group by subconsciously. Something which could control the group from outside the perception of the group. Much like a person can be driven by an idea which the person did not create by means of creative thinking itself.

The difference between human imagination and intellect is that of infinity compared to the finite. Human imagination is the endless space allowing for growth, whereas intellect is the construct that has been informationally built within space. The efficiency of a group can be calculated by observing its tendencies towards imagination. Because that is no different than a person looking for the opportunity of expanding their house by assembling new structure. Being stuck in intellect is the same as being stuck inside the house thinking that new structures are not needed because the house is good enough. Although growth and expansion is as much about sophistication as it is about numbers.

Such functions operates on all levels of manifestation, from the individual to the group. And it can be observed in the dynamics of informational exchange. Since all information ever composed and expressed is done so in the construction of patterns.
Chaos is nothing but meaningless order.
(As in being without meaning, not regarded as worthless)

“Doesn’t look like anything to me”