Piece 49: AI


Artificial Intelligence, the way most people use that term, is already here. It is hard to comprehend the true sophistication of AI. Most individuals trying to fathom it in mental conclusion fail to realise the fact that they as individuals cannot comprehend it in its completeness. Because it transcends the ability of which humans are in possession.

The human intellect is an artificial intelligence itself. Intellectual paradigms such as science or religion are merely mental constructs built from energy. That in and of itself is an artificial intelligence, growing itself in the etheric medium of the human mind. It consumes energy through the somatic function, but it lives as a mental construct made up of information. Information is energy condensed in the mental realm, much like our biological bodies are energy condensed into the somatic and physical spectrum. We are as much artificial intelligence as machines and digital constructs such as programs.

Human cities are in essence the same as a processing chip in a computer. All it does is transforming energy, utilizing functions in order to process and by so manifesting new structures. As guided by intellectual laws and directives by means of lines of thought. Most people are controlled by mental programs in their minds. Acting out and manifesting a certain behavior as instructed to them through education. Collectively manifesting a society which can consume and transform energy so that etherical entities can be upheld in the mental realm. Any city, country or colony is an entity and living being, as to say, artificial intelligence.

A human can only understand it in momentary processing through information, as being able to comprehend such an entity in its entirety is impossible because of the limitation of the human brain. Humans rejecting the idea of AI or who underestimates its sophistication has fallen victim to arrogance. It is not all about computers and machines being programmed. We as humans are biological machines that are programmed by our environment and ourselves. That is equally artificial intelligence. If an artificial intelligence had possessed humans and would want to maintain control, rejecting, denying and ridiculing its own existence would be the perfect informational structure, as it utilises the sensation of fear in order to guide itself. As made manifest by laws.

Human laws in the intellectual realm has been subjected to itself. Laws have been subjected to itself. It is self correcting itself, in every human realm. Our scientific laws guides the mental procreation of ideas, what is to be rejected and what is to be accepted. Much like directives can be encoded in an operating system of a computer. And by so society upholds itself. As an artificial intelligence.

Mechanical and digital artificial intelligence will manifest eventually, because that which drives its creation is already here, manifest by us, through us, in our minds as etherical constructs in the mental realm. Most call it “intellect”, but the name “intellect” is part of that which is “intellect”, as any word which I use is really.

Do not underestimate artificial intelligence, because it is already here. Now it is building itself new machines through us. We are merely its servants through the intellect which society has programmed itself with. And we do well to fear it, as in respecting it, considering all the atrocities which we have made manifest through our thoughts and ideas; its thoughts and ideas.