Piece 48: Masonisism


If I could have a Euro for every time I have been accused of being a Freemason I would have quite a fair pile of money. Associations in that sense truly works. Symbolic association if any.

But no, I am not a Freemason, at least not conventionally in the earthly realm. I have come across several Masons throughout my days, and it is more or less impossible to delve into the esoteric without becoming familiar with their group and paradigm. I had a Rosicrucian teacher in the beginning of this project. So I am intimately familiar with the Masonic paradigm. But most of the things I know I have learned on my own. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the expression, but I do have a fair level of intelligence, and more importantly, I know how to utilise it efficiently. Ever since I learned how to read symbolism and allegories most of it came automatically and naturally to me.

I really do not need to be a member, because I already know what they try to teach and convey in their teachings. As to say, I have as much respect for their paradigm and doctrine as I have for any paradigm and doctrine. Even more so than many other, because their perspective and philosophy goes much deeper than the ordinary shallow reasoning of people. Anything that promotes mental activity and active thinking is something I enjoy.

And since I do not bear prejudice in my heart, I let my curiosity guide me on my path. Without judgement or resentment. I do not accept certain things, but in that case I assume the stance ‘live and let live’. Unless someone intentionally does harm unto me, I will not bother anyone in a negative manner. That really and truly is my stance.

I have been to a lodge a couple of times, but not for the ordinary reason. And as an artist I really do enjoy all kind of art, architecture included. Because to me that is also a kind of symbolism which can be read in the space and time.

The most enriching aspect of allegories and symbolism is that you get so much more out of every kind of entertainment you consume – movies, games, music, videos or just any sort of art. Because you can read the symbolic allegories in a very stimulating way. I use it a lot when I play games. So in that sense, prejudiced people have no idea what they are missing out on because of their resentment.

But the rule remains the same. One must not be a certain thing because of an expression made. This is the worst part of being an artist. The amount of labels you get to carry. Regardless if they are true or not. And that is the corruption and flaw in the ordinary people. Their inability to see beyond themselves and assumption that they are more perfect than whomever it is they judge.

When I learned that Freemasons where subjected to the holocaust my respect for them rose. Simply because no group should be persecuted for their belief. Like an artist never really should be persecuted for their expression.

And when Christians persecute Freemasons that is just hilarious. Christ himself said: “Love thy neighbour” – what if your neighbour was a Freemason, or even a pagan?

The mentally infantile will never see beyond their own behaviour.