Piece 47: Ecosystem


Every living being that animates itself in the cosmos is both a part and individual simultaneously, and together all the living beings make up a multidimensional ecosystem within the cosmos. It functions in a scalar hierarchy, meaning that the function itself is constant and can be applied on every scale of the existence. The expression of the function is a co-creation of every individual within a certain entity and between all the entities themselves.

One example could be your body, which is made up of a multitude of smaller entities by humans labelled as ‘cells’, certain types of cells come together forming tissue and organs, like groups of humans come together and forms countries and cultures. Like celestial bodies come together forming solar systems and galaxies. The function of organised entities are a scalar function.

There are both benign and malign entities manifesting within the cosmos, much like there are malign and benign groups of people, or groups of cells in your body. Cancer in that sense can manifest itself on any scale just as it can within your body, a malign group of people is no different than a malign group of cells in your body.

The thing people call an ecosystem is merely the functional system of energetic exchange and communication between certain entities on a certain scale. Meaning, much like we humans have an informational ecosystem between ourselves allowing for energetic exchange and thus communication do the cells in our bodies have an information ecosystem allowing for energetic exchange and communication. Much like the body has a circulatory system and nervous system do we humans have a similar structure. Cancer is when a system manifests within another system and causes harm from within itself. But foreign entities within another system must not automatically be malign, but could be benign. This is the very reason why xenophobia exists. It is the detection of a foreign entity within the body, and if that entity cannot communicate properly with the other entities of that system it is automatically attacked.

The problem with human society today is that the malign system have been allowed to grow to such an extent that the ‘normal’ society is actually the malign system. Because mankind is a collective entity living within the planetary ecosystem, and we are collectively causing damage to the planetary system. We are killing the planet from within itself. Simply because our collective behaviour causes us to do so.

That is simultaneously the solution and the problem in the same concept. The reason why corruption is so hard to break down is because it is an organised entity. It is an artificial being living within an animated being. And because of that it can manipulate the behaviour of every individual that is part of it.

This is why people say “In order to change the world you must change yourself”. That is the absolute truth, but the reason why changing oneself is so hard is because one adapts to the collective and popular opinion within that collective. If you have a political party it is extremely hard to leave it once you are part of it. The same goes for any form of conglomeration of individuals. It is as hard for an individual that is part of one group to convert to another group as it is for example a brain cell to convert to a bone cell. In metaphor. Because they are parts of an overlapping system.

This is why exclusion of individuals is absolutely detrimental if not done properly. Because that is a control-system that could potentially be corrupt. This is how a tumour survives in a human body, because it excludes or blatantly assassinates the healthy cells within its organisation.

A tumour cares as little for the host in which it grows as the majority of humans care for the planet upon which they live. Humans cannot live without their planet, in the same sense that a tumour cannot live without a body. That is how a corrupt entity destroys itself by destroying its environment. And if a system is corrupt then the ones most aware of it will be the ones most heavily targeted, because they constitute the greatest threat to whichever corrupt system that is surrounding the properly functioning individual.

When people use the word ‘ecosystem’ they are rarely able to completely fathom the absolute depth of that function. Most humans do not realise that they are intimately part of the planetary ecosystem, as in, they are direct parts of it. That is why ignorance is one of the greatest threats to ever exist, because ignorance means that one has already adapted and subjected oneself to the overriding system regardless if it is malign or benign.

As of now our planet is severely sick, infested with several cancerous entities and other forms of corruption. Killing the planet slowly over time. Some humans are aware of it and more are becoming aware of it, as the planet has a reaction to the infestation. But truth to be told, the planet as of now is dying faster than it is recuperating. And the greatest reason for it is the collective ignorance.

This goes far beyond som plastic bags and emissions, this is a result of the global collective. And since a huge portion of humanity blatantly rejects or denies that very fact, that gives a very strong indication just how widespread and established the cancerous system is.

The digital infrastructure has become the new nervous system of humanity, and it is utilized by both the cancerous entities and the healthy entities in a informational battle. Because every piece of information you partake of is part of the energetic exchange that occurs between individuals, and are in the meaning of the words the ‘echoes’ of the ‘system’ in the ‘ecosystem’.