Piece 46: lūx


The structure contained within light is not something that is exclusive for our star. But a function that applies to all stars made manifest in the cosmic wind. As to say, growth made manifest by our own sun is the most common on our planet, as it revolves around our star. But there are structures made manifest on our planet that is not of this solar system. The structure contained in starlight of distant stars impregnates the matter of our planet and affects its manifestation of expressive structure. Like the photosynthesis of a plant functions with sunlight, the human as a living organism also breathes light in one realm of perception. It affects our genetic code to a certain degree.

To be photosensitive in that regard is to be more receptive of the structure contained in light. And like a human can be allergic to certain manifestation of matter upon our planet, so it can be both tolerant and overly sensitive to structure contained in light. As to say, communication with off worlds is possible through light, because light acts as a carrier wave for the structure, which can be translated into information via expression. In the same sense that a plant manifests structure in expression when it utilises the sunlight for its photosynthesis. Light is far more than humans perceive, but due to most humans being completely contained and therefore enslaved to merely their visual perception of light, they fail to understand its absolute fundamental function within the cosmos. Light is as much a carrier wave for structure as sound can be, only manifesting themselves in different wavelengths and parts of the energetic spectrum.

This is also where the term ‘starseeding’ comes from. Because it is very much what it is. The structure of light in a foreign star impregnates the matter and formulates an alien structure. Which means that entities fully aware of the properties of light can utilise it for travel. At a certain level of consciousness light itself turns to a sort of ‘informational highway’ in which you can move your consciousness both upstream and downstream. And by so essentially communicate with off world consciousnesses.

In fact, you do it right now while staring into the screen of your digital apparatus. Your mind translates the structure of the light transmitted by the digital apparatus into perceivable and comprehensive information. You believe the screen itself to be solid, because that is how your mind translates the structure of the information. But nothing is really solid, all is really a structured imagination of your mind when it tries to make order out of the chaos which is the electromagnetic spectrum of energy.