Piece 45: Sefirot


What humans generally refer to when they use the term ‘heaven’ is not really a place but rather more a state of being. Heaven itself is not a place you ‘get to’, it is a state of being you achieve by means of certain practice. It goes hand in hand with every paradigm ever invented by humans. An amplified resonance allows formation of a more intricate pattern, so it is with the animated reality as well.

If you are able to resonate in an amplified state the reality around you rearranges itself. It is bound to happen, since your ability to mentally resonate stems out of frequency. By amplifying the resonance of your mind you achieve a higher state of being, where you are able to both project yourself more into and extract more from the physical which surrounds you in animation.

It is like music, the more intricate the composition and information that lays the foundation of the conclusion, the more extreme the experience from it, in one way or another. Emotional response to something is nothing but a resonating feeling that reverberates throughout your animated physical body.

One example is the sensation of ‘cringe’. This sensation stems out of shame. It usually happens when someone encounters a reflection of themselves in another that reminds them of something they are ashamed of, subliminally or consciously. They detest the reflection because they detest that part of themselves, whether it is a memory, a manifestation, a flaw or anything else.

The higher your resonance and therefore folded pattern of manifestation, the greater the structure it creates. And since structure animates matter, the greater the structure, the greater the manifestation of animated matter. This is why the concept of density occurs. For something to be of informational weight size is not necessary, as it can be of informational density. Much like matter itself.

The atomic structure of the material Gold is more intricate than many other metals and therefore contains structural density. So in the practice of alchemy, transmuting into gold has rarely anything to do with the actual metal itself, but more in allegory the very state of it. Understanding the structural properties which it carries. That of such an informational density that it becomes tolerant against most concepts and phenomenons that manifest in this realm.

Gold itself is not the ultimate creation, as the principle of infinity applies. There are structures that transcends that of gold, and principles that transcends that of its informational structure. To reach heaven, or to enter heaven, is to achieve that state of understanding, and to ‘produce gold’ in the allegory is to be able to produce structures of great structural integrity.

When I communicate with most beings I do so in the upper realms, as my mind is able to resonate on such a level. Your physical body is merely one layer of your animated being, it holds several other layers of being which manifests themselves in other realms. If you are able to lucid dream you are able to reach other planes of the existence. The better you are at doing that, the better you are at travelling within your dreams.

This is the very reason why certain practices are promoted in many different religions. What they are is essentially tutorials in order to grow, as to say, create a more folded structure of oneself through animated behaviour or resonance. The problem is, that people are more interested in arguing which tutorial is the most superior than actually practice what the tutorial teaches.